Alpha Romeo

2600cc/145hp Inline 6 with a 5-speed transmission. Built from period Alpha parts in the 1960's. Runs great.

This fabulous re-creation of the famed Grand Sport has been enjoyed for many years from England to the State of Washington. Same owner 1945 - 1996 in England (ex Major Kingery of the R.A.F. Then sold to Lt. Commander Wintermute in Oregon. Alpha 2600 motor w/triple Solex carbs, 148 H.P., Avon racing tires, WW11 "Spitfire" compass, pre-war gauges, Marchal headlamps, Rack & Pinion steering, external oil cooler, original UK registration TH1497, lightweight aluminum body. Driven 600 miles on Monte Shelton Rally with no problems.