McLaren M 10A   Formula 5000   chassis 007

The Canadian Roger McCaig bought his car on may 17th 1969 from Trojan who build the costumer's McLaren cars.

At this time, the racing teams sell a part of their production in order to finance their organisation. Of course since, sponsors took the place.

McCaig drove the car on different North American tracks for a period of two years.

Before to become apart of Dr St-Pierre collection's from Rimouski, Quebec in 1975, the 007 add two others owners.

The serie F5000/A started in 1969. It became to an end in 1976.

McLaren was the king of the serie as he did in the Can-Am serie.

The M10 family has 4 championships.

M10-A/B   European Championship

                     1969     Peter Gethin
                     1970     Peter Gethin

              Continental 5000 Championship 

                     1970     John Cannon
                     1971     David Hoobs

Their rivals were driving Brabhams, Surtess, Lola, Lotus, Eagle and others British brand cars.

I bought in 007 in 1984. The restoration shop Michel St-Pierre started her complete restoration in 1992.