Nissan Gravity Racer

The 2005 racer for the Nissan Design Team. A clear fairing design allows the spectator to see the driver, the controls and the tubular chassis. Large wheel diameter for an easy ramp to straightaway transition.

The first of two exact Nissan Racers; serial #001. The Nissan design studio in California is based in San Diego, producing many show car prototypes with equally modern designs as this the first Nissan XGR entrant. As you can see, the clear fairing design allows the spectator to see through to the driver position, the use of controls and the tubular chassis construction. The larger wheel diameter meant for an easier transition from ramp to straightaway than many of it's competitors, allowing it to push the leaders for honors at the Irvine event. Designer Tom Semple was "clearly" pleased with his design as he raced it himself.

Look at this video to see it in action (mirror here)!