This site is addressed to amateurs of exceptional and racing cars.

Since I was young, I have been fascinated by cars. My heros at the time were Steve McQueen, pilot/builder Bruce McLaren, and the GT40 Fords. As we know, McQueen later made a film on the most famous endurance race in the world: The 24-hour Le Mans which Ford won in 1966-1967-1968-1969. Bruce won the 1966 edition. He has been for many decades the youngest driver to win a Formula 1 Grand-Prix.

Jacky Ickx the Le Mans record man, then became my favorite driver. At the time of his first victory on the Sarthe circuit, he was in a Ford GT40. As can be seen, McLaren, McQueen, Ickx and Ford cars are closely related.

I wish to thank my son Nicolas who enables me to express my souvenirs visually and to share them with you.

I propose that you admire the collection of cars I was fortunate enough to own over the last few years.

Send me your comments or suggestions.

Yves Luc Perreault